About Politically Awakened

Politically Awakened contains original articles and videos focused on many of the most significant and controversial events currently taking place, as well as particular events of the past. My mission is simple. To present the most accurate, factual, and scientifically validated information about particular topics.

Politically Awakened is NOT a conspiracy theory website and does NOT disseminate or propagate false news stories and or disinformation of any kind and does not condone or tolerate such behavior. 

Every claim of fact is supported and or validated with among the most well researched, highly documented, factual information that exists in the public domain, including declassified government documents, NGO and think tank publications, as well as peer reviewed scientific literature. Most information will come from the original sources themselves and not based on third party interpretation.


Politically Awakened does feature some copywritten content on this site, all of which falls under "Fair Use" law, for reasons of reporting, criticism, and educating the public. This includes certain videos as well as all of the documents featured on this site.  I do not own any of the documents featured on this website and credit has been given to the proper owners somewhere in plain site.  In fact, I don't actually even host any documents, but have simply posted a picture of the document cover which is linked to the website belonging to its respective owner and or publisher.